About QeautyBox
Pamper yourself with a box of affection and love

Beauty is a world's common language. As a guru in cosmetics and creativeness, QQ knows the way to being a true beauty needs working on both the inside and the outside. So she always reminds herself the importance of unselfish sharing and happy living.

QQ sets a goal for QeautyBox -- she wishes to spread the happiness around! From cosmetics, skincare items, hair-care to lifestyle goods, QQ does not only go the distance to locate them but also tries them on herself. You could feel her heart in your QeautyBox!

With a unique theme and surprises on each edition, QeautyBox brings not only warmth to your life, but also a taste of sweetness and love to you and those around you!

About Queenie Chan

Hong Kong's first Web-J (Internet Jockey), one of the earliest blogger and YouTuber in town, with page views over 90 million...Been on beauty pageant contest, and still a flight attendant. Loves to be a soulmate. Currently a program producer, medical beauty consultant, product designer, SO Brushes founder, QeautyBox co-founder and OOAK creative director...